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Climate Change

Climate change is sweeping across the world and Kenya is not an exception. According to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and Ministry of Public Service, at least 3.5 million Kenyans were affected by drought by March this year. According to the latest review of the drought situation, the number of Kenyans facing starvation would increase to 4.1 million by December this year according to the Ministry of Public Service.

This has been contributed by deforestation, soil erosion, desertification, water shortage, and degraded water quality, flooding, poaching, and domestic and industrial pollution. To address this, I wish to employ simple things to Help Protect the Earth.

  1. Replace disposal items with reusable items.
  2. The use of paper should be avoided.
  3. Conserve water and electricity.
  4. Support environmental friendly practices.
  5. Use of green energy is replace firewood with bio gas especially in schools
  6. Recycle waste to conserve natural resources.