Pinkam House, Mburu Gichua Road, Nakuru, Kenya

Voice for the voiceless

Who We Are ?

We thought it wise to work together with mus icians and F o un d at i o n F o r P e ace and Development is a membership network bringing together media personalities and celebrity artistes and an umbrella that is used as a forum to advocate peace and Environmental conservation while addressing conflict that could emanatetake advantage of the ir talent that also acts as crowd puller in our mobilization efforts. We target the youth and women who are the most vulnerable in the society. As seas oned me dia personalities who have worked in the mainstream media house in the country for many years we thought it wise that we would use the experience to write articles and sensitize the populace on how to resolve conflict that would come as a result of environmental destruction. However the exercise has to be adequately funded since it involves soliciting stories and other media materials to be disseminated to the public from fellow journalists. The materials in form of documentary, photos and edited stories that have to be paid.